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Integrated Solutions

Our 360-degree approach provides clients with complete coverage of their energy-related needs. DES ENERGY delivers innovative, fully integrated, and cost-efficient programmatic solutions that reduce energy consumption and costs, maximize operational efficiency, and help clients navigate the complexities of the energy sector.

Funding and Grants

DES ENERGY provides various financing options for renewable energy projects and support our clients throughout the investment process. DES ENERGY ensures our clients have the right renewable energy solution and crucially, the right finance option.

Green energy finance provides businesses with the opportunity to access solar panels, biomass heaters, energy-efficient lighting with a purpose-built asset finance solution that works for your business.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements are not just for large retailers, our Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs) are developed for all businesses in mind, including public sector organisations.

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Energy Performance Certificates

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rates a building between A to G. Our team of energy engineers are Safe Contractor Approved and qualified to carry out EPCs and DECs across the UK.

EPCs are a good starting point in your energy and carbon optimisation journey for a building or business. They provide recommendations for improvements, which will ultimately reduce your energy overheads, and also your carbon footprint.

Our engineers can carry out submetering, equipment upgrades and changes, as well as a range of energy optimisation projects directly. Furthermore, we have long-standing partnerships for larger projects such as Building Energy Management Systems (BMS) and retrofit upgrades to equipment.

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Our qualified and certified Energy Assessors, will collate, evidence, and report your mandatory compliance obligations and harness the data to take action to reduce your energy consumption by building a programme for carbon reduction that is effective.

Working together, DES ENERGY will deliver full compliance for your organisation and help you achieve your corporate sustainability and environmental goals.

DES ENERGY will interrogate your data, providing technical advice and certification, whilst identifying the financial and reputational benefits available to you. Our carbon reporting provides a strategic view of emissions, assisting companies to identify and assess cost reduction or revenue generating opportunities.

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Data Validation / Recovery

In reviewing billing and consumption data our utility data experts can make recommendations for future cost savings, which can deliver an enduring benefit for clients.

We operate on an incentive only basis, so we are only rewarded where we find savings.

Our Revenue Recovery team will carry out an in-depth analysis of your bills from the past six years to identify all billing errors.

Once we have completed our full analysis, steps can commence to recover any costs due from overpayments and correct any false or inaccurate information to help prevent future billing errors.
We have a proven track record of success, if there has been an error, we will find it.

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Energy Monitoring

Combined with our unique comprehensive consultation and support service, DES ENERGY accurately determines and designs your future energy reduction projects.

Leading to an improved return on investment, energy performance and reduced carbon emissions.

This journey starts with Energy Monitoring.
“That which is measured is improved”.

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Renewable Solutions

DES ENERGY is delivering renewable energy to customers across the UK. Businesses of all sizes are looking for more sustainable solutions and DES Energy Renewable Services is demonstrating their commitment to both renewable energy and our customers.
Solutions can be provided via a traditional retail supply contract that offsets all the customer’s actual usage with renewable energy credits.

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With over twenty years experience within the group, our installation team covers all aspects of installation and design.

  • Project Design
  • Project Co-Ordination
  • Mechanical and Electrical
  • Civils and Plant
  • DNO connection
  • Lightning Protection and earthing systems

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Ongoing Measurements

DES ENERGY has invested in the rapid progress of advanced analytics, and greater connectivity between humans, devices, and machines (including machine-to-machine).
Digitalisation has significant implications for how the world produces and consumes energy. This offers the potential to increase energy efficiency through technologies that gather and analyse data before using it to make changes to the physical environment (either automatically, or through human intervention).
DES ENERGY offers exclusive, cutting edge AI IOT solutions in collaboration with Blue Chip manufacturers and can work closely with your organisation to provide bespoke energy efficient solutions.

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Good installation using quality products is the best way to prevent future maintenance costs.
DES ENERGY storage and self-generation projects ensure the future productivity and maintenance of their new system. We provide predictive maintenance plans backed by advanced data analytics and our warranty is back by the financial strength of the DES Group.
DES ENERGY service the whole system, monitoring any anomalies across a range of electrical, electro-mechanical, chemical, and thermal subsystems.
Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms will play a key role in keeping a storage system performing well and providing the owner with the expected revenue. This enables us to predict when an issue might arise rather than just reacting to it.

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