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The governmental team supporting the transition to EVs has changed its name to better align with the UK governments ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050. With this, the Office for Low emission vehicles (OLEV) has changed its name to Office for Zero emission vehicles (OZEV).

In November 2020, the UK government announced that:

  • The sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned from 2030 (with the exception of hybrids that can drive a “significant distance with zero emissions”).
  • All new vehicles sold from 2035 must be fully zero emission.
  • In line with these ambitions, the governmental team responsible for this part of the policy agenda has announced that it will rename itself.
  • Formerly known as the “Office for Low Emission Vehicles” (or “OLEV”), it will from now on be known as the “Office for Zero Emission Vehicles” (or “OZEV”).

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