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Hackbridge Primary School, Sutton has created 420 school places within the borough with an exceptional focus on sustainability and its environment achieving it the UK’s first Passivhaus ‘plus’ net carbon positive school.

Following on from Harris Academy Sutton that DES was involved in, Hackbridge Primary School goes one step further by achieving Passivhaus ‘plus’ standard. Making it the first school to be built to the ultra-energy-efficient standard in the UK.

So what is Passivhaus ‘plus’ standard?

This involves meeting the criteria of the Passivhaus standard by also generating renewable energy on-site or near the building.

Hackbridge Primary School has been designed to use 75% of the 100% renewable energy that it generates making it one of the greenest, most efficient school in the world. The remaining 25% is exported to the gird, saving in the region of £800 a year. DES completed the state-of-the-art primary school solar PV renewable energy generation on the project.

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