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Businesses can meet both their sustainability and financial responsibilities, by harnessing the power of the sun. Save money on your electricity supply with sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective Solar solutions for your business.

Unlock the value from your roof or ground space and generate your own efficient energy supply instead of drawing more expensive energy from the grid.

The power that solar PV panels generate can be used directly onsite, stored for later use to lower energy costs during peak times or, in some cases, be fed back into the grid to create an additional revenue stream.

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Wind turbine projects require an understanding of many different factors and we will guide you through this process, protecting & maximising your investment.

DES ENERGY complete initial feasibilities all the way through to operations and repowering, we understand the big picture. This enables us to work smarter and reduce the risks associated with your renewable energy or infrastructure project from day one.

DES ENERGY offer installation of new and reconditioned wind turbines available in a selection of models providing a dedicated service throughout its 25-year life cycle.

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The water cycle is an endless, constantly recharging system, therefore hydropower is considered a renewable energy. This makes it the world’s most relied-upon renewable energy source.

Moving water can create electricity in different ways, from hydroelectric dams, wave power and tidal power.

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Battery storage is a rapidly evolving technology that can now work effectively alongside a range of renewable solutions. Carbon emissions can be reduced at peak times and self -generated electricity consumed, rather than being exporting to the National Grid. Battery storage is not a new phenomenon but changes recently in regulation and technology are having a noticeable effect in this renewable market.

DES ENERGY offers sophisticated battery options to those seeking to become more actively engaged in an increasingly decentralised electricity network.

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From an initial feasibility study, detailed design, CHP installation, commissioning, to user training and on-going lifetime maintenance, DES Energy will look after every phase of your Combined Heat and Power project.

We not only deliver and install premium CHP products but also work with you to review your facility’s power usage, personally engineer cost reductions, and fully integrate the ideal solution into your premises.

By coming from the Construction sector, we understand the importance of accurate forecasts and budgets, so we ensure there is no risk of being caught off-guard by additional costs and unexpected expenses for large scale CHP projects.

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DES ENERGY is an authorised OZEV approved supplier and installer of Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) units, across the UK, either at your work and home.

We ensure our customers benefit from the wide range of EVC funding available and make the entire process trouble-free from enquiry to installation.

EV Charging can also provide additional revenue streams, as well as a fantastic and convenient employee benefit.

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Heat Pumps

Our Heat pump system circulates heat from an external energy source to a compressor inside a heat pump unit. It can collect low-grade heat from renewable sources such as water, ground, or air to compress and deliver heating and hot water to a property.

Heat pumps will play a huge part in achieving the 2050 net-zero target. To incentivise the adoption of renewable heating, Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved ground source installations are rewarded with a seven or 20-year income through the Domestic or Non-Domestic RHI.

Every unit comes with the added comfort of technical support for years to come. Our installation team are on hand to give you support or advice before and post installation.

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